Making My Own Phone Wallpapers + Free Wallpapers

Making My Own Phone Wallpapers + Free Wallpapers

I am the type of person who loves changing phone wallpapers from time to time. Great background on my lockscreen, home, and app screen surely boosts my mood whenever I open my phone. It gives me that inner peace and sense of organization.

I usually set up a certain theme in my mind on how I would want my home and apps screen’s background to look like. The concept usually depends on my mood or interests at the moment.  Usually, I use pastel-colored images, and there are times that I prefer aesthetic photos of the characters and celebrities from an anime, movie, or TV series that I love so much.

Before, I always download my wallpapers from Google Images, yet I seldom get good quality photos. Actually, I want HIGH quality ones. It was just two years ago when I began using Pinterest. That app is just filled with many wallpapers! Well, there are both bad and good-looking photos there, but usually, I just have to be patient in finally finding that wallpaper that suits me.

I just hate it when I found the perfect wallpaper, yet they have a HUGE watermark, pixelated, or worst: BOTH. I am so done with those! So, I began to make my own since I love creating and editing images in Adobe Photoshop plus, I would have the concept that I want with the quality that I deserve.

I use free photos from websites offering them such as Unsplash and PngTree, and I also use my own pictures. Fancy font styles that are free are my favorite, too, in making wallpapers.

Now, I want to share my craft with you, my reader. Here are my June-themed wallpapers:

Making My Own Phone Wallpapers + FREE WALLPAPERS


  • Lockscreen

June 2019 LockscreenPinterest Save or click here.



  • Homescreen

Patience WallpaperPinterest Save or click here.


For better quality, download here (Google Drive).

These wallpapers are about hope and patience. For me, the sky represents hope wherein it takes patience to witness the light of the day after the darkness of the night.

I hope you will enjoy my wallpapers. Comment down below and tag me if you are using any of them. I would be really happy to know!



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Pastel Pink Sparkles


Free Photos Used on My Lockscreen Wallpaper by:

Caleb Woods on Unsplash

NordWood Themes on Unsplash


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