A Break in the Clouds

every cloud has a silver lining

phrase of silver

1. proverb

every difficult or sad situation has a comforting or more hopeful aspect, even though this may not be immediately apparent.

December 2018
I designed and personalized my grid planner with some inspirations from the Internet. It was really new for me to do the proper way of planning. Years ago, probably, ever since I started schooling, I already knew how to plan or I already figured out the basics of planning and organizing. I was fond of doing lists back then, especially as I entered middle school. Doing lists was my way of having a piece of mind of everything – from tasks to remembering information, and basically being me, the systematic Sharmine.
I had this portion on my planner called as “2019 Goals” with a “Word of the Year” corner. Since Catriona Gray’s win as the Miss Universe 2018 was still fresh, a word she uttered on her answer got stuck in my mind. “Silver Lining” was definitely added up on my vocabulary because of her remarkable winning answer. That word kindled the optimism buried in me. “A negative occurrence may have a positive aspect to it.”

This metaphor sure did enlightened what positivity is left in me. FYI, figures of speech help me express myself with full liberty and imagination that is free from doubt. I have come to a decision to make that metaphor as a concept of a category here in my blog. Writing the silver lining of the storms that may come through will help me muse in life. The sky may be filled with stormy clouds, but there will always be a ray of sunshine, a break in the clouds.


Featued Image captured by yours truly | IG: @sharmshmallows

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